Data grid columns on mobile view

Data Grid columns get squeezed out of display especially on mobile view if the first column has entries that are long.
Is there any way we can fix this? can i use css to give columns at least a minimum width of 10% or 20% of screen size?
I only have 2 columns.

Issue is not only on the editor, the 2nd column doesn’t appear clearly on the user device as well.

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Similar issues on this post :point_down:

Report it

what about using CSS, is it not possible to fix column width to a certain percentage and avoid any current bugs in Glide?

Personally I don’t advocate the use of CSS or recommended using it to get round issues in glide.

Clearly a fix needs to be made by the glide engineering team to not only correct this for you but everyone else. :+1:

Others may chip in to help with CSS, but not by me.


Thank you for the report. We’ll fix this as soon as we can.

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also fix the problem of the data grid on a slide-in and overlay windows… data is not visible while entering… also there are no search and action buttons… plus arrangement issues on mobile