Fixing columns

Friends! Tell me, how can I remove the fixation of the first column? In the mobile application, the first column prevents me (Closes the visibility of other columns) if I scroll the rows from left to right.


Just scroll to the left to access the other columns. The first column is always fixed, but you can still scroll left and right to see the rest of them.

I hope tech support will hear my prayer and fix this flaw. The first column gets in the way. Thank you for not ignoring my post, Jeff =)

Do you have a video? This shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t reproduce it.

I don’t have a video, but I have a screenshot where you can see that the first column covered the entire space. I can’t look at the data in other cells, in adjacent columns =)


Oh, so that’s the Data Grid component. I was under the assumption that you were inside the data editor in the builder. I guess I didn’t realize that the Data Grid did the same thing.

It’s technically not a bug, but I suppose it could be a feature request. It just happens that you have such a large column as your first column. These are some suggestions: