Data Grid / Collection Item Actions / Greyed out

Hi -

This may need to go in as a bug, apologies if so.

Data Grid component with collection item actions. No visibility conditions set on the action, yet for some reason it frequently appears greyed out.

More detail - I have a “Delete” action per row. It seems to work a couple of times, then when going to delete another row, appears greyed out. Changing From Desktop View to Mobile View (or vice versa) fixes it.

Screen shots attached

Any ideas? Is this a bug, or have I set it up wrongly?


On face value it does sound like a bug.

Question - is the source a Big Table, or a Regular Table? If a regular table, is it connected to any external data source?

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Thanks as always Darren

Source is actually Airtable - which I blamed it on initially. But I did a quick test using a Glide Regular table, and managed to replicate it.

Okay, I’d suggest reaching out to support via the chat in the builder.

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