Data from GSheets API to Glide Table

I have a GSheets API ready which I generated from Now I am trying to fetch the data from the API in JSON format, but I can’t figure out the jq query. What is the standard JQ Query that we give to fetch data from a Google Sheet?

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Do you have a screenshot of the JSON response?

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Yes I do. I am just testing some sample data right now.
this is what it looks like-

And this goes on for another 5-7 rows, and ends with-

This is basically how its starts and ends. I notice that data is an array here, but I can’t figure out how to get the row IDs, Names, etc. in the output.

For row id of first obj - .data[0].row_id
For name of second obj - .data[1].name

Can you try and see if this works?



Try with


You should see all Names found by your API call at the same time.



Both of these work, thank you so much!


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