Data from current day

hello guys,

I would like to display as details “title” component a data sum that is for that current day. ie. Todays revenue. Any suggestions?


Do you only need to show today’s numbers or do you need other days as well?

Today’s data is good enough. but other dates are also nice, for example last three days…

Make an arrayformula in your sheet that would determine the type of date your record is e.g “Today”, “Last 3 days”, “Last week” etc. then do a relation - rollup to return the sum.

I didn’t quite get the relation and rollup functions. How do they work?

Make a relation matching the “type of date” to itself and set it to match multiple so you now have a group of all your records with the same type, then have a sum rollup over that relation. It’s like a sum of multiple matches using VLOOKUP.