Data Entry format check?

Is there any possibility to check data Entry format, such as Email (containing “@”, …) or Numbers_123 (only positive numbers or numbers of digits for tel) ?

For email, use an Email entry field.

For numbers, use number entry. Formatting can now be handled in the Glide editor I believe.

Humm, for email I can enter what I want, “blabla” for instance, without any format checking.
Same for Numbers, “-1,4” for instance, without any range checking as postive numbers only.
I didn’t find any flilters or formatting option that could answer my needs.

There isn’t any good data validation other than the very limited version that @shchc indicated. The different entry fields mostly determine which keyboard to show to the users.

Right. I can’t wait for some more sophisticated (regex?!) forms of data validation. Could lead to some nice quizzing/ digital breakout room type apps among other things.

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Humm I 'm not sure to understand your answers, I need to adjust following data type formats:

  • Date & Time => ok it works with Gsheets format option

  • Email => I didn’t find such format option in Gsheets, as well as in Glide Data even when selecting Email entry !!
    Problem is that user can enter any character strings as Email value, example “-6,5gh[y42)”,
    How to reject such invalid entry ? and accept at least “alphabet characters, numbers and special characters “. and @” or at least entry containing “@” ?

  • Quantity (I want to to be always >= 0 and fractional, eg “5,6”) => I didn’t find such format option in Gsheets, options in Glide Data (type is “123 Number Entry”), are limited to “Precision”, “1000 separator” and “Units” (visible or not), means user may enter negative numbers as Quantity to be ordered, so how to reject such entry ?

  • Tel Number (digits) => I didn’t find such format option in Gsheets, option in Glide Data is limited to “numeric pad” values (type is “123 Number Entry”), means user may enter “-123,456” as Tel numbery, so how to reject such entry ? and accept at least “positive non fractional” number (x digits”) ?


@Mark can you please help

There is no way to do that kind of validations in Glide @Jean-Philippe ( except Date/Time).

I have done this but using native Google forms, they have an option where you can build your own schema, very powerfull. A feature that could be copied by Glide I think.

This could be your workaround but doesn’t look like elegant


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