Data Editor - "Mark as Private" column setting

I think it would be useful to have a feature that would obscure private data in the data editor.
What I envisage is a per-column setting (similar to ‘Mark as Protected’), where you can tag a column as ‘Private’, and this would have the effect of obscuring all data in that column. ie. It would be displayed as ******* (or similar). The difference between this and the existing Mark as Protected feature is that the data would still be accessible.

I would see this as a security enhancement, and would help avoid the situation where private data is accidentally shared via screen captures or videos.

I’ve not created a feature request, but will do if there is support for the idea.

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Sounds like a good idea for screen captureand videos but otherwise I would just use the already built in functionality to hide the data. Visibility access and columns for specific users.