Dark/Pure Black Header Position

This is pretty nit-picky*, but I like the position of the app name in the Dark theme, while I prefer the coloring of Pure Black. The app name being large in Pure Black is too visually commanding for my taste. Any chance you will make the large header optional for Pure Black in the future?

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Yes, at some point we will make the Title style an independent choice from the theme.

I made a similar suggestion back when we were using the Spectrum platform and you can see a copy of that post and mockups below. Is this something along the lines of what you’re thinking? I know the mockups show the Light theme but the design idea could apply to the Dark theme as well. @david Just thought I’d take the opportunity to resurrect this again. :slight_smile:

The following was previously posted on Spectrum platform back on July 30, 2019:

I’d like to get some feedback on a variation to the current Bold Theme. Do you think these changes would improve it? Do you have other suggestions? I love the fact that we can change the entire look of our Glide apps with just one click and can appreciate the time and effort that went into this feature. Thanks in advance for your time and feedback.

Recognizable Share Icon and Prepare for Deep Linking
Changing the current Info icon to the native Share icon for each platform (iOS/Android) might be a better fit since users are more familiar with those icons. Also, moving it flush right in the top app bar on every screen would allow users to share the app from anywhere inside the app (the more opportunities to share an app the better). Also, in the future, if Glide deploys individual record sharing as part of a deep linking feature, this new icon and position would allow for a seamless transition for users to share specific screens of the app instead of the app as a whole.

Consistent Look
Keeping the top app bar the same height on main tab screens and list detail screens maintains a consistent look from screen to screen, but we still use font size and weight to differentiate between main tab screens (Markets and Recipes) vs the list detail screens (Apple Pecan Bars). The skinnier top app bar still reserves space for required navigation components (< Back) that may be required on certain screens.

More Screen Real Estate
The reduced height of the top app bar also creates more screen real estate to display a larger map or more list items. In the variation mockup, we can see 1.5 more list items without sacrificing any of the elements from the current Bold Theme.

Consistent Display of Actionable Items
In the variation mockup, separating the Search and Favorite components from the top app bar puts more focus on the screen title and it remains in one consistent position throughout the app. Separating the Favorite component from the header also keeps the active state of the component consistent with the active state of the bottom nav bar and other action items (e.g., text links, buttons, switches and map/list view toggles) that utilize the theme’s accent color. In the current Bold theme, the active state of the Favorite component is forced to change to white since it’s inside the top app bar.

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Archiving post, appears Settings/Appearance/THEME options address a number of items requested in topic.