Dark/Light mode detection

In some cases where I enable match device’s theme, I find some of my images/illustrations does not work that well on both dark & light mode.

Therefore I created this column so I can cover both bases.


Hope it helps some of your use cases, especially for designing.



Hey @ThinhDinh superb. It will help for everyone and for me :blush:

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Ooo…pretty :slight_smile:



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Hi ThinhDinh, thanks for doing a demo on this. I’ve been trying to follow the video but am still confused as I can’t see how i can make this work.

My proble is Id like to switch logos based on the mode. Is there some kind of code or link to code that detects when the device goes dark mode? I tried to follow but can’t see how to achieve this without a detection code

Have you tried to put this link in your Experimental Code column to detect the user’s dark/light mode?


Then you can show/hide different logos based on the result of the experimental code column.

I love this community. Thank you for your quick response. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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Works! Especially on the desktop version of the app. Somehow on the Galaxy Ulra 21 it still shows the dark version.
Desktop version:

Can you show me the Galaxy Ultra 21 version? I think the OS is not returning the right dark/light mode.