Daily logs for users with multiple entries per day

I’ve been working on this for a couple weeks and I’m stuck.

I have 3 people that use the app that work 3 separate shifts.
I need them to be able to record any incidents that happen throughout the day on their shift. This includes what time the incident occurred and a description of what happened.

Every shift sends out a report with their downtime and other info on it at the end of their shift. Weekly reports are generated from those reports. I can create a giant list of downtime entries and then filter per user by date but our night shift spans over two dates (10p-6a).

Are able to filter by date and time? Or can you guys think of a better way to approach this?

You may want to consider a different approach in my opinion. When they do an incident log maybe they should put the start date of the shift and then have a choice component that the would pick the shift # (1,2,3). This should make it easier to sort and filter the spreadsheet. You could still have the timestamp when the logged the incident automatically saved as one of the special fields of the form.