Daily Bibleverse

Good Evening my Friends.
I have a question. I hope you can help me as much as you can.
I want to include a verse of the day in my app. As in the picture.
I have no idea how to do that.

upload verses to your sheet, and add inline list component with locations of these verses… add filter to that list , to show only items with some kind of condition that make it the verse of the day

I have found such a template
but I do not know how to include this code in glide.

This is a code for Google sheets,
You have to copy and paste in your google sheets scrip editor…
And than you can display it in glide app

i am a noob… so sorry
can you show me how?

If you never did google scripts… it will be hard to explain… just google some basic scripting tutorials first, to learn a little…
Than i can help you with it.

Plus you would need to adapt this script to google sheets… this is just pure html web scrapping…
Few hours of work to make it work on glide

You can just post the link over there… in your app

Okey thank you
i look at this now and learn the basics

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Maybe someone here have ready script for this… and will share with you

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that would make me very happy

Hola @Tzimon_Kephas,

I do this in one of my apps.
Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 6.18.34 PM

I use cloudinary to show what the verse is then prompt people to click on it to the show the whole verse.

If you just want to show the picture with the verse you can use cloudinary for that.

I hope this helps.

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There you go… looks like much easier solution


You can use this in either a template or URL column, replace the {text} for a for the column where your verse is and change the picture to whatever you want.


oh yes very nice thank your so so much

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