Customise order confirmation screen

The app I’m building allows users to book a consultation. I want to add a payment screen but the current screen that appears once a user pays seems to be more for an ecommerce and doesn’t work well for the UI experience I’d like to create.

Currently once the payment is processed the user gets a “Your order has been placed” message on the screen. This isn’t ideal. I’d like the message to say “Your booking has been made” or something like that.

Then when the user clicks “Done” it takes them back to the screen where the buy button is. This isn’t ideal either. I’d like the user to be taken to a different screen e.g. their dashboard.

I have 3 questions:

  1. Is there a way to customise the “Place order” button to say something like Pay
  2. Is there a way to customise the order confirmation screen to say "Your booking has been made” or something like that once they hit “Place order”?
  3. Is there a way to edit the action for the “Done” button to go to a specific screen?

The price for each consultation is always the same so the consultation is the product. Therefore I’ve added a formula in the consultation tab that adds the price automatically when a consultation id is created.

If these two options are not possible, can someone help me figure out a better flow that allows me to include the payment screen?

Current flow

  1. User selects a time slot
  2. User selects what they want to discuss during the consultation
  3. User pays for consultation
  4. Consultation appears on the users dashboard once they’ve paid (currently this automatically appears on their dashboard because there is no payment step yet)

Appreciate any help

The answer to all your 3 questions is no, I have always wanted to edit things on that screen but there has been no update to that for a long time.

So how are non-ecommerce platforms using the buy button?

For payments outside the app I have used 100% PayHere recently. Great service, ideal for making a subscription flow. That’s my use case.

:100: Agree

Here’s more on the topic:

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Thank you both!

Does this only work for a subscription model or can it be used for pay as you go? I currently do not have a subcription model in place for now.