Customer CashBack system by Glide APP

Does someone allready made some apps with customer cash back system?

Whats a customer cash back system?

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Bonuses are awarded for purchases made within the last three months. You can reduce the cost of the next purchase by any number of active bonuses.
After three months, the unused ones burn up.
The problem is that we save up for three months, we have accumulated 5000 bonuses, at the end of the period we applied 3000, after a month the remaining 2000 should decrease, etc.
The main catch is that the user enters the number of bonuses arbitrarily (with control of the maximum available), and does not choose which ones to write off.

I have an app where customers scan receipts and I give them points. They can use points to claim a reward. Points never expire, but the reward does after 90 days. Their point bank reduces based on the cost of the reward claimed. Is that the type of problem youre trying to solve?

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Im not clear about your elxplanation but looks nearly is
My setup for now