Custom order for Kanban columns

Hey, could someone help me order columns in my Kanban collection? I feel like this should be so easy as an experienced no-coder but I just can’t figure out how to customize the order of my groups. I am not talking about sorting (the order WITHIN the columns, I am able to do), rather I am talking about the order of the actual columns. It’s important that I follow an order rather than using Glide’s default auto-determined order. For example, a use case like “First contact”, “Negotiating”, “Closed Won.” That’s obviously important to maintain order in that example.

Thanks in advance!

On the Kanban settings it’s under custom groups…activate it with the small plus button.

Add 4 custom groups. The first custom group will automatically be ‘uncategorised’ and blank to catch the empty ones… the other three make first contact, negotiating, and closed won.


Thanks Eric!

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