Custom Lesson Planner Creation HELP

Hey everyone!

I’m working on something super exciting—a lesson generator! The goal is to empower students to create their very own lesson planner. Here’s how it works: I offer 11 categories, and within each, students can select up to 5 options that resonate with them. It’s important for them to pick something from each category.

Now, the magic happens when they make their selections because each answer leads to a corresponding .docx file stored on Google Drive. My ultimate aim is to merge all these custom choices into one neat PDF and either email it to the student or make it easily downloadable for them.

Do any of you amazing Glide wizards have suggestions on how I can make this happen within Glide? Any insights or tips would be incredibly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Check out DocsAutomator integration. It’s not as cheap as a custom solution but is really easy to implement


Thanks @tuzin for mentioning DocsAutomator! :blush:

@swwww Let me know if you need help setting this up!