Custom CSS warning

I want to define CSS in app for form submission but I encountered this message


so if I accept this warning it will destroy my App or not?

If you don’t press the enable button, you will never get the results of using CSS. Use ctrl+z if you encounter problems.

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I enabled it but result didn’t work correctly

the scenario is this
if user enter number in section 1 instead of text,the message in section 2(Hint Component) will appear and section 3 should not be active

Are you asking about CSS code problems? If yes then change the code part “aria-label” using the word “submit” to be changed to your language.

I changed it but doesn’t work
how about I change the computer language to English?

Show me how your code is created. Do you turn on CSS preview?

preview custom CSS-4

From your settings I don’t see anything wrong. What is the name of your button now? If your button name is “Submit” then it should work if your hint component appears.

I changed CSS setting to [aria-label=“ibraz etmek”] but the result doesn’t work correctly

I changed like below code
#page-root:has(.prevent-submit) [aria-label=“ibraz etmek”] {pointer-events: none;opacity: 0.4;}

What language is this? If your computer uses English, what are the results?

this is Turkish language

“ibraz etmek” means submit
but the other words on app body is Persion language

There seems to be a language problem. My translator produces: Göndermek.
ibraz etmek = to present

that’s right,my camputer language is Turkish

Persian language:
Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 21.55.37
Try copying and pasting the button’s text into the CSS code. If it still doesn’t work, our conversation will take longer.

Thank you so much,I will try it

As much as the letter “i” of your [aria-label=“ibraz etmek”] is different from the image.

yes you’re right :fu:
I try it with Turkish keyboard

The labels on the buttons must be exactly the same. Is it working?