Text entry with check in data base for Prevent Duplicate Entry

Hi everyone ! Sorry i’m french so i try my best to explain my problem.

I’m trying to create a “text entry” with a sentence underneath that warns the user that the name they just entered in the “text entry” already exists in the column.

Thanks for your help

Is this in a normal form or a custom form, please?


I think is the normal form, i put the form with “action”

These are the steps you need to do:

  1. In the user table add a lookup column (All Name) to pull all names.
  2. In your form, add a Hint component that contains a message and visibility settings User Profile > All Name contains Name.
  3. To prevent submitting via buttons you need CSS, follow this link: Exploring the enhanced capabilities of glides native form.


Man TY very much !

My user can see now the duplicate item !

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Have you succeeded in preventing submissions too?

Sorry but i don’t understand what i supose to do with CSS code and table.

If you have one process step by step i take it !


You have finished with the table, just one step to add the CSS code so that duplicate names are not submitted intentionally or not.
If you follow to the next thread there is a video @Robert_Petitto explaining the steps.

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Ok so i do the steps :
Create hints :

Name class CSS :
Capture d’écran 2024-06-20 113101

Put CSS code in my option :

But i can submit , IDK why

TY for your help

You need to change the aria-label code part of the word “Submit” to your language (Soumettre).

Ok i change the aria label :

I still can submit

Ok now i can’t submit !
But my button floating don’t work anymore wtf

TY for your help

Try adding !important to the end of the following code:

position: sticky !important;

Man your my hero that works !


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