Custom action not getting executive for consecutive right swipes in swipe layout

I have created a swipe layout based app where I have added a user specific column in my main data table. I have created a custom action where swipe right changes that column value for the user (I use this value to filter the right swiped items) and also adds a new row in a separate table (this i do to track this swipe data against user’s email address).
When the user swipes right consecutively, the action is not executing for all swipes, it happens only for the first one. However, when i remove the custom action and only keep user specific column update as the action, then it works correctly. But when i remove it to just keep add row as the action, then also i observe the same issue of only first swipe action being executed. Is this expected? Is add row action somehow only going to make one entry in the table irrespective of number of swipes?

Can you reproduce that in a video and send it here, plus create a ticket for the support team? Thank you.