Custom action - link to screen + filter


I am trying to create an Airbnb kind of app and I have a question.

I want to have a tab that shows a list of cities in my country.
When a person selects a destination, - go to the other screen that displays houses only in that city. That screen also needs to have a form button with filters (such as price, number of people…), so it needs to be a details screen (not just a list).

When I create a link to screen action with city-houses relations, I cannot have a detail screen (to add a button), but just a list of houses in that city.

Is there a way to create a custom action that would somehow allow for this?

Thank you!

Your action for your list of cities should just be a View Details action. Not link to screen. Creat a relation from your cities table to your houses table. Then on that details screen after you select a city, you can add an inline list that points to that relation.

Oh, thank you so much!
Works like a charm :smiley:

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