CSS working on my app view but not on my cell

Hello !!

Im new using CSS, and I m having an issue when I change the background, On my app it looks normal, but when I go to my cell all bottons and some text desappears.

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Hey !

Thanks for raising your issue with the community. Based on other feedbacks of users with the same situation than you, it looks like the coding of the css (names and stuff like that) are probably not recognised by IOS and android the same way.

Hope this helps.

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However, there’s a workaround that you may use and hopefully it’ll help you solve the issue :

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Thanks a lot !! :smiley:

I think i got it, I will research about this.

Just a word of warning. The use of CSS is not officially supported by Glide. As you’ve noticed, some of those class names are just random characters and can be unstable. Some of those class names are different for each type of device, so you would have to program and test for different browsers, operating systems, screen sizes, device color themes, etc. In some cases, those classes can and will change, which will affect how that app looks to all of your user’s.

I don’t want to discourage you, but the use of CSS is kind of a hack to override the design elements that Glide has established to work on all devices. So, it’s good to be sure you understand what you are actually changing when you are applying the codes. I also use some CSS myself, but I only try to use code that has stable class names that are less likely to change in the future, and I only stick to code that has a minimal affect on my app if it were to stop working.

In your particular case, it looks like the Android version has a dark them enabled, so it is causing a lot of the text to become white because it’s expecting a black background. I’m not sure about the buttons disappearing, but it could be an overlay issue where your background image is on top of the buttons.


Thanks a lot Jeff !!

It is the first time I use it and only to try to provide another kind of style to my app.

I will avoid to use it, maybe just to have a backgroud to my profile picture and thats all :sweat_smile:

And yes it has the dark theme that must be!! Thanks for your recommendations !

Regards !!

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