Css with gif background?

Hey there, i changed my background’s app using the amazing uzo’s code-book, and i put a gif url instead and it works great on my pc (and for a while on my iphone) but it collapses after 2-3 minutes…
and then my phone shows only white box when the image suppose to be…

What code did you use for the GIF?

I used this one, and replace url with the gif link, I tried also with some other image and still got the same problem…

The css: (the full screen image background’s css from uzo’s code book) Code BOOK


    width: max(120%, 40vw);
    .jiuuwu svg {
    display: none;
    {display: none}

I haven’t had time to try. Can you try using this one instead?


thx’ it works good with the default image but i after i change it to my image and try to fix it to match the size, in the pc it works fine but on the phone it disappear again.

Does your image url start with https? Is it a publicly accessible image? Where are you hosting the image?


Yes it start with https, host in google photos and it’s public…
when google give me the link it doesn’t work at all, and when i copied the image address to the css it shows the image on the pc but not on the phone…

Would you being willing to share the url here?

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Wooo ! i tried right now with some other host and it works perfect…thx a lot!!