CSS MessageBox

So it’s flashing when it shouldn’t?
Does the opposite condition work okay? (ie. if it’s supposed to be there, does it appear and stick?)

flip if then 0 first

? Can’t do that. There is no “if not within today”. I need to account for a date before today or if there’s no date (new user…never claimed).

So something like this doesn’t work?:

If Date is empty
Then 1 or true
ElseIf date is before Today
Then 1 or true
*blank or *zero

Thinking that the key is to make the true condition blank, thus the visibility is set to display when not blank. So for that split second when it’s loading, the default value will be blank (or maybe zero) before it is computed and set to true or blank through the condition checks. Hopefully the default would be blank for that short moment, which would still match the condition, which can only be true when the conditions are met to set it to Not blank.

I think your last IFE may not have worked because for a split second, the date may not have been filled yet, so the condition feels to the ELSE and sat to 1.

Hopefully that kind of makes sense. Just make sure that whatever you think it may be calculating to…in that split second…that you make sure that the value figured out in that split second is not a true condition to make the component show.

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Ya it hides as intended when there’s only a condition of “date before today”, but the moment I throw a “OR if empty”, it has the glitch:

So even with an IFE structure in the table, then a visibility condition to only show when the IFE column is not empty it still doesn’t work? I think that OR visibility condition is still biting you because the value is momentarily empty until it’s loaded.

Also, that first record that flashes for a second…is that maybe triggering the popup condition before the correct filtered record is displayed??? Resolving that issue may cause the popup to work correctly.

Sorry, I’m not really around a computer very much this weekend to try it myself.

@Robert_Petitto are you facing that glitch when you open the app and the modal keeps showing for a sec and disappears yet? I’m facing now :worried:


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how do i get the amount field to populate?

All of that is placed into a template column and I just do a replacement on {amount}



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Hi my friend, is this still working for button bars?

I’m trying this and it’s stacking on top of each other.

Hi @ThinhDinh
Yes I instantly checked on the demo app and it works !!!

What is your CSS?

Here’s what I currently use.

<!-- Blurry -->
<a style="top:180px;">
<div style="
margin: 0%; 
background-color: rgb(0 0 0 / 70%); 
backdrop-filter: blur(4px);">

<!-- Box -->
<div style =" position: fixed;
top: 300px; 
width: 94%;
opacity: 1;
margin-left: -5px;
background: grey;
border-radius: 10px;
padding-top: 1%;
padding-left: 7%;
padding-right: 7%;
box-shadow: rgb(0 0 0 / 15%) 0px 4px 10px;
text-align: center;
z-index:0 !important;"

<!-- Text-->
<h3><font color=#000>Notice</h3>
In order to add more files to your account, you must select a paid plan option.


/* Button */
[data-test="app-button-view"]  { 
position: fixed;
top: 420px; 
-ms-transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
transform: translate(-50%, -50%);

.fab-target >* {


Test with this version

[data-test="app-button-view"]  { 
position: fixed;
top: 270px; 
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The CSS you use is for one button!

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It works with 420px. Thank you :wink:

Yes it is necessary to adjust the value of the top.
In my version, I reassembled the box for the phone version otherwise on some phone the display is curious!

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