CSS in Pages - RTL all elements?

Hi @JackVaughan and everyone,
Finally, CSS has arrived to Pages

Any thoughts about how to utilize this to RTL all elements and text? This is instead of tediously naming and referring a CSS to each and every component.
The idea to somehow force the entire Pages project to support Hebrew/RTL.


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Just a note, it has been there for a long while, but only available for Business and Enterprise level, that’s why we don’t see much talk about it on here.

I don’t have a page with CSS available to test, but my thinking is if you find a class high enough to apply the CSS to and cover all elements on the screen, then you can just force direction: rtl to it.


Am following on this and waiting for thoughts as we have the same request over here

Hi @Test_Test and @Yasin_Hassanien ,

I am an Israeli glide expert and use CSS for my clients.

There is no one CSS code for the whole app, it will take time.

Note that only business plans and above can use it.

Best regards,

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any news about when Pages will have CSS, rich text, like Apps? I have customers interested in Pages but it is impossible to make elements to their needs, so I always convince them to use Apps.