[CSS Help] Bring a button to forward in the top bar


I need to add an action button in the top bar of my app. I used CSS to move the button to the top right but the button stays back (cf. the following screenshot)

Capture d’écran 2021-08-01 à 17.54.04

Any idea how can i bring this button to forward ?

Thanks for your help

I did try doing the same thing not too long ago but z-index messed up one component or another.

I tried too z-index but nothing works correctly and the button still stays back, just behind the top bar.
I’m still looking for another option :frowning:

Could this help?


try to disable the top bar:

/*media only screen */ 
/*Hide svg at the top——————————————*/
.jiuuwu svg { display: none; }
/*Hide tytle at the top——————————————*/
[data-test="glide-app-bar"] {display: none}

Thanks @Robert_Petitto & @Uzo
It will be useful for some other projects but not for this one. I finally changed my mind : i let my button in the screen but i used CSS code to disabled it until all the other fields/components are not fulfilled