Clear header to access buttons

Hey team,

I have an issue where I cannot hide the nav bar and keep the menu button.

I am putting a button opposite the menu button but it appears to sit beneath the header layer meaning the button cannot be clicked

Does anyone know how to clear the header so I can use the button and retain the menu button.


How to include a second button to sit above the nav bar header?

Can you include some screenshots of your current setup? Is this Glide Apps or Glide Pages?

This is for Glide Apps

If possible, please provide screenshots or a video of what you have now. Thanks a lot!

I assume you mean the “hamburger” button when you mention the menu button? Can you clarify why you want to hide the nav bar?

Would also appreciate if you can provide an image of what you want to achieve.

Use the Code BOOK

Correct, inline with but opposite the hamburger button.

I have been using this quite a bit. This is just a gap that i am experiencing.

so… you want a hamburger menu, and your button is clickable? this is tricky, it all depends on how you want your screen to behave.

Correct. I used the css to make the header transparent and I can see the button now instead of it being a blur. But it is still not accessible, I assume because it sits beneath the layer

yes… you have to put the top bar under… but there is a price for doing this… :wink: all elements will go on top too… there are two ways to avoid that… unless your screen has nothing to scroll up… you will be fine

The current configuration does mean that the screen scrolls, but that can be fixed

so that’s a easy way… put the top bar on the z-index:1

Like so?

yes… is not working?

No I can’t use the button still.

let me check how I did it here:

give me a sec…

try this:


it should work… it works in my Apps

No luck, is this the difference between Glide Apps and Glide Pages

yes… you can’t do that in Pages… only in Apps

Ok cool, this is in Apps. But still not making a difference