Crosscheck Over Row Owner

I’ve Got an Issue here.

I want to have sales input leads to my apps, and also recheck the duplicate phone number

but the problem is, when i set row owner on each sales’s input, it doesnt detect the duplicat
how do i solve it ?

Create a second list for phone numbers and users’ rows ID that has no row owner… if you keep your data in Google Sheets… then there is no problem at all, run a function there.

second list ?
what does it mean ? another table ?

i only use glide table, since gsheet consume too much sync update

Yes, another table…
GS consumes precisely the same amount of updates as GT…
and some cases even less :wink:

another table did you mean, whenever an input occured, they need to input it to another table also ?
or can we created a computed column/relation to this new table , and then we create another relation to check duplicate?

because my last app was using gsheet, and it consumes twice, table update and sync update between GS :sweat_smile:

thats why i want to solely/only used glide table. hehe

correct me again if im wrong

My apps do not consume any updates…

Yes… when your users input new data… add a record to the separate table… they don’t need to input it twice… just action after submitting.

i already had 7000 record before, do i have to create another table with 7000 row also ?
or can it just 1 row, but an array of it ?

Yes, 1 row, with two arrays… one for user ID, one for Numbers… each time append a new value to the array… and check for duplicates

im sorry, what does User ID here does ?

If you want to track whom the number belongs to (optional)

how to add a record to separate table , when im inputting new data in Table1, but need to create a new action (set a column value) to another table ?

created relation, but it doesnt make it to there.


im still stucked, since i got 13k row of phone number, whenever i drag an array of phone numbers into one single cell, it always loads slower