Critical Issue - App Outage - Login timing out for all my apps in Northeast US

Issues ongoing with my pro app since last week
On and off sporadically throughout the day
This is the error screen I get
Both in my browser and on the bookmarked app.
Any update on offline access to apps?
This would help tremendously

My app is at

Where are you geographically?

In Atlanta GA

Iv been having a lot of people using my app having the same problems for days now.

@Mark, my app is down

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@AyS_0908 Where are you, geographically?

Europe - France

Down again

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Nb: they have to update their article “[…] this issue is only affecting users in the United States.”


Hello @AyS_0908
I am also in France and I have no problem

Lucky you!


But since tonight, I no longer have the Background image at startup.
Probably nothing to do with your failure.

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Now you’ve hit my button @Manu.n!

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Glide team, is there an ETA on offline mode?
This would help significantly for my clients


Hey Jeff,
My app never has trouble when being opened on a computer, the issue only arises when I try to open the app the app on my phone. I don’t think the Drive outage is directly related.

I only happened to see the article on the news feed on my phone. Thought I’d share it. I have no idea if it was related or not.

Hey Glide team,
Please, this issue is serious and basically renders our apps functionless, while we continue to pay for them in pro mode.
Any kind of update on offline mode or what is causing this issue would be appreciated

I’m also having issues with my app! Sent an email/screen record last night! Fingers crossed it’s getting resolved soon :crossed_fingers:t2: