Critical Issue - App Outage - Login timing out for all my apps in Northeast US

My apps are down… and

Now I’m good to go!

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@Mark both of my apps are down again right now.
Have you guys figured out what is happening? This is too much disruption…and I can’t explain it to my users without info.

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@Deena Could you send a video of what you’re seeing, please?

Same here! I’m literally melting down right now because my FIRST customer wants to log on.

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It’s exactly like the video I posted yesterday.

Here is another fresh video though. Keep in mind that these apps have custom domains hosted by two different providers and Supr is Whitelist while Seekr is Public with email. My point is that they are dissimilar in these ways in case this eliminates some common questions. Same issue on desktop and phone - desktop connection is hardwired, not wifi so it’s not an internet connection issue.

Mine is doing the same thing. Laptop and mobile.

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I have a lot of empathy for the glide team. I’m sure this is everyone’s worst nightmare and I understand how you feel, I feel the same way because I have a new customer literally setting up their environment right now when this happened. I told her, do you know how many times Instagram and Facebook went down in the last 12 months? And they are really well-established companies. That made her feel better. :grin: :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for your patience. We’re all-hands-on-deck investigating now.

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It seems local to one of our data centers. We’re investigating.

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Same issue here. Located in the NE. I can resolve my URL and ping the IP it resolves to at:

Maybe a load balancer that’s going haywire?

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Both of my apps are back up. :pray:t3:

Apologies again. The issue is mitigated for now, but we have an underlying cloud infrastructure bug that, if not fixed, will cause this problem to reappear sporadically. We will be spending the weekend working on this. I can’t promise that it’ll be fixed by Monday, but we’ll be a big step closer.


Thanks for the update Mark, I can get ahead of this with my users/customers now and they’ll be much more understanding! :relaxed:

I don’t know if everyone remembers, but Instagram had recurring problem in 2019…they went down so often and for LOOOOONG periods of time, and yet they have been around forever and have a million devs. :grin:

Good luck to Glide team getting this resolved and thank you for working over the weekend to make progress. Although I suspect that’s a regular thing for you guys! :upside_down_face:

@Mark One question, do you want outages to continue being reported here or do you want to just update us when the issue is fully resolved?


Yes, please report outages.

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One of my apps is down again today.

Only one? Which one, and same symptoms?

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It was but now it’s back up. Same symptoms - not sure how long the app was down but wasn’t long. Same yesterday evening but seems like the app is down for short periods of time sporadically. I keep the installed app open on my desktop and that’s another way it comes to my attention when it’s down (screen just goes blank white).

I am also having same issue start this morning

having issues just now! complaints with users in northeast…