Credit or Cash Packages!

Hello there! I am hoping to get a little bit of expertise insight on how I could go about integrating credit or “Cash Packages” into my app! Currently we are doing a “Sale” where if you buy $10 of credit, you will receive $15 of credit for the app to use freely on whatever items you’d like. I have been struggling with trying to figure out how to do this in Glide for some time. Any insight is GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks in advance! -Savannah

One question, will that $15 of credit only be available to spent in the app on other items? Are you using Stripe to charge users?

Yes, that $15 should be only available to be spent on items in app as or right now, we want to get it to eventually be spent on items around the resort that the app will be used for but for right now just in app! And yes, I am using Stripe

I think you can structure your app to allow using your own system of coins. Let’s say 1$ equals 1 Savannah coin, and your users will spend Savannah coins instead of using Stripe. You can reward them with Savannah coins.

Your Stripe integration will be used for users to purchase Savannah coins instead.