Creating unique user profiles that only view the information that they input

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Describe the bug:
Describe the bug in simple terms
When users login with their email address, the information they input is being housed in a central location NOT individual location.

Expected Behaviour:
What should happen?

When a user inputs their emotion for the day, ONLY their data/historical emotions should be reflected on the chart

How to replicate:
The issue is that regardless of who is logged into the application, they are able to view information from all users. I would like users to only be able to access the the information that they have inputted.


Are you using Row Owners? That’s how you segment rows by user email.

I don’t think this is a bug. You either have to use row owners as David said, or you apply a filter to your chart so that it only shows the data belonging to the signed-in user.

This is assuming you already catch the user’s email when they submit a new form.