Creating Hyperlink in Notes Section Using Markdown Not Working

When I try to post a hyperlink in the Notes entry box using markdown text it only highlights the website address and does not turn the text into a hyperlink. Am I doing it wrong?


I think it’s inserting slashes that would interfere with the formatting.

Can you submit a support ticket?

Thanks for looking into this. Do I submit a support ticket via Report A Bug?

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Thanks, I created a support ticket with a video of what is happening. Seems like it should be an easy fix, so hopefully it gets patched.

I got this back from the Glide Tech Support…it works well for me, even though using markdown format does not work.

" However, you can still add hyperlinks to the Notes component by highlighting the word or phrase where you want the link to appear and then pasting the URL. I’ve attached a video to this message to further clarify this process."


Thanks for the follow-up!

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