Creating custom e-cards

I’m new to Glide and would love some help. I would love to create custom ecard templates for my website where the user can upload their own photos to customize the card further. I know I can create different card templates but my real ?? is how to make it so the user can upload a photo and customize it on their end. I want the journey to look something like this:

TEMPLATE (my website) >> UPLOAD PHOTO (user) >> CUSTOMIZE ECARD (message, emails to/from) >> COLLECT PAYMENT >> ECARD GOES TO RECIPIENT

Any ideas?

Cloudinary is the most common tool used to manipulate images on the fly around here.

However, I don’t know how much you want your users to be able to “customize”.


Thanks @ThinhDinh. That seems a bit too complicated for my level ◡̈ I would just want them to upload a photo to add on the ecard. So not much manipulation. Is that something you could help with? If so, could you give me a rough price?

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager I’ll have to dig in to see if it’s something my non-technical brain can handle LOL. Do you do these kinds of builds for others?

No, I only work on my own projects.

If you are looking to hire an expert, you can start here:

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