Creating an onboarding flow using tab visibility

Tabs =

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Thank you I thought can only declare 1 tab for 1 sheet. nice I get the concept now :slight_smile:

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Is the app public or public with email? If public then did you check it on publish version as I couldn’t make it work outside the editor.

wonderfully crafted experience, @Lucas_Pires!

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@yinon_raviv Sorry for the late man! This app I’m using public with email

Guys, i’ll make available soon an english version. This one is in portuguese


Wooowww… This is outstanding

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How you make profil page in the last screen? You make circle image of your profile in the center with yellow background.

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Did you try doing this on public?

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Not yet

Hi, were you using an app that had email login? I have visibly set, and still have sign out. Thanks.

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Nice work! Cant wait to see it.

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How did you hide the 2 tabs please ? I can’t find a way to hide a tab and make it appear under certain conditions.

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Hey @Younes! The last button I used Increment action. So I set the 2 tabs visibility to show only when the increment column is 1 (the opposite for my onboarding tab)

Thank you but it doesn’t seems to be working on my side. Incrementation button only add 1 (whatever the user it adds 1 to the same cell) without hiding the actual tab and showing others.

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Create a user-specific Number column


I did it but unfortunately something is still blocking.
So if i understand, the last button of your onboarding is an Increment action linked to user profiles sheet. As soon as it’s clicked the onboarding tab disappear and other tabs show up ?
The onboarding visibility is set to “show tab when increment is 0” and other tabs are set to "show tab when increment is 1"

Thank you for all your help man!

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No, it’s not linked with my user profile sheet. I only used a Number column with user-specific

Actually, it’s better to put “show tab when is not 1

You’re welcome! :grin:

Isn’t the tab visibility only based on the user profile sheet ?

I’m sorry for all the questions but i’ve been trying to solve this for days now :cry:

@Younes as I said here, it’s the increment

What i said here is to use this option to get “uniques” access and clicks