Creating a Row for each name in a List

I’m trying to build an action that creates a new row for each name in a list. The number of names in the list will need to vary. Can anyone help me or point me to a tutorial that will show me how to do it?


Hi @Amy_Scarbrough welcome to the forum, great to meet you.

Can you provide a bit more information so we can better understand what you are trying to do.

Having said that, adding a client via a form will create a new row for each person.

There is a comprehensive library which is good to get familiar with.

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So your input is a comma-separated list of names?

@ThinhDinh this looks like an interesting challenge… you have an approach in mind?

I believe I can come up with a formula for this, but it will mess up if Amy wants row IDs alongside with the new rows, so Scripts would work best.

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I made two columns to play with. One is a comma separated list and the other is an array column. I can use either one for the task.

mmm, trivial with a script. I thought you may have been hatching a sneaky plan to do this within Glide. Now, that would be impressive :grin:

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Haha can’t think of a way to do that, especially when we talk about adding multiple rows without knowing in advance how many rows we will need.

I’ll be honest. I’m still in the learning mode but I’ve watched tutorials and spent a while on the app. I’m actually proud of what I’ve got and I’m wanting to do the finishing touches. It’s a parent contact log app that sends email templates to individual or groups, creates a log of the message, and with in line relations from the log to the contact list for easy reference. The only problem is with my group emails, it records them as a group and not individual. The inline relation won’t connect the individual to the group contact log. I’m wanting to push a button and it takes the collected list of checked names and create an individual log for each.
Another option, if it would be easier is that the in line relation would connect the group log to each individual’s contact. That might be easier, but I’m still unsure how to do it.


Well my goodness. I didn’t realize I’d dreamed up with such a challenging task! Honestly, I don’t know anything about creating scripts.

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It’s a wonderful feeling of self-satisfaction, yeah? You have every right to be proud of yourself. Good on you!

Possibly it might be just a matter of re-structuring your relations a little bit. Although it’s a little difficult to visualise. Could you provide a screenshot or two that helps to describe your setup?

haha, scripts are normally a last resort option… if all else fails…

As Darren said, can you provide some screenshots of your setup and data for now? We would be able to provide you with a new flow.

I had to erase some names since I used my actual student names. Please forgive me if this is a mess. I learned through trial and error and it’s been a wandering path.

I’m adding what I think is important. Let me know if you need something else.

Im new and it only let me do one image.

So what you want is to split that name column into multiple rows, is that correct?

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Yes, based on the number of checked names.

Here’s a quick screencast of what my app looks like and what I need if that helps.


And a short description of how I did groups. Basically, in the contacts tab you check names. If a name has a check, their name and email appears in “Group Name” and “Group Email.” Then, I did a joined list for each to get a comma separated list of names and emails. I used a relation to pull that information to the “Contact Log” tab so my action button can copy the information to the “Name” column in the contact log.

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Never mind guys. I used a relation to connect group names and to the contact entry and now the groups connect to each individual in the group contact log. It was just a multiple relation. It’s not making a row for each individual but it’s good enough. Thanks for the help!