Creating a Database to Keep Quiz Results For Multiple Users

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on an app that uses a variety of quizzes to test user content knowledge. I’d like to keep the individual quiz scores for each user in one table. Ie, John’s scores were 6 for Quiz 1, 10 for Quiz 2, and 15 for Quiz 3 while Katie’s are 17 for Quiz 1, 5 for Quiz 2, and 7 for Quiz 3. The quizzes are each their own tab.

You should be able to add a row to that table every time a user submits their quiz attempt, or do you have any other problems with the flow?


Thank you for your reply. I am having a problem getting the values in the row for each user. So for each “Case” there are 3 quizzes. I have the individual results of each quiz under their respective table.

I want to take those individual quiz results and compile them in one table for easy reference and have it broken down by User and Quiz respectively.

Hey @Tagrenine,

Maybe you can affect the result to your user with the “user profile row” with the increment number. Then, in your data Users, you can create 3 Columns, 1 by Quizz. And Use Rollup to Sumarise the result

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This will work thank you!! The only problem I am running into is that I can’t see anyone else’s numbers unless I am viewing the data set as that user. Is there a way I can see everyone’s results?

Turn off row owners in the table that contains those numbers.

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Thank you so much!

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Yes, delete the row owners and you can see all results

See you

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