Leaderboard showing the same score for all users

Hi all! Feel like this should be a simple issue, but evidently I am missing something important.

I have a Quests table that tabulates user-specific, boolean completed quests and corresponding set point values. I’ve used a rollup column on the Users table to sum the user’s quest points for a total score. This is all working properly, and each user’s score is being calculated and displayed to them correctly.

The problem is that the Users table shows the current user’s score for all users. So when I try to create a leaderboard, all users appear to have the same score as the one viewing it.

I think I am missing something about how a value gets linked to an individual user. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would really appreciate it!

Try creating a query column in users table for “related quests” - and then do rollup on that column. Related quests would have condition of matching user in the quests table.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I played around with the suggestion, but I’m not sure I’m following. I created a “Related Quests” query column on the Users table, and chose the Quests table as the source. It essentially compiled all the information on the Quests table, but it is based on the current user and each row is identical.

There is no column in the Quests table that specifies the user, so I’m not sure how to filter per your suggestion. Lastly, it will not let me do a rollup on a query column and doesn’t show the option of using the Related Quests column for the rollup. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding!

So what is the “Score” column about? Is the Score based on your “Status” column, which is a user-specific column? You won’t be able to get the data you want, since your scores are only related to the signed-in user.

You would have to write a row to a new table whenever a user finishes a Quest, or store a column of user IDs who have completed a quest for that to work.


I made things confusing by putting a Score column on both tables! On the Quests table, Score outputs Value if Status is checked, else 0. On the Users table, Score does a rollup sum of all rows in the Quests Score column.

I think I’m getting what you’re saying on the new table, though I’m a bit new to this. So there is no way to simply store each user’s totals, rather than storing each user’s completion of each quest?

Could you give me an idea of the column types you would put in the new table to pull each user’s quest completions? Thanks!

So in the new table, you would store the quest ID, the user’s ID and the score (this can be a basic column if the quest’s score may change by time, else you can use a relation back to the Quest table to retrieve the score for each quest).

In your Users table, create a multi relation to the new table using the user’s ID, and rollup the scores.

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Yeah my understanding just isn’t there. I appreciate the time and would be happy to pay someone for the time to create a step-by-step video or make the updates for me. Would use the hire an expert function but it seems oriented around bigger projects.