Creating a Bingo Game

New to Glide and hoping someone can point me in the right direction of either a good template to use or how to build out my Google Sheet to create a Bingo game. Not a numbered one but more of a scavenger hunt type of Bingo game that users can click along until they complete a card. I already have half a dozen cards ready to go.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings @Myfair_Bingo and welcome!

Have you looked through the templates to see what is possible?

I did, thank you. I can’t find anything that fits the bill…at least not that I can sort out. Assuming there’s already something out there that I can tweak but I don’t see anything that would be a good starting point.

Ok, perhaps you saw this post, but just in case, I did a search and found an outline for building a bingo game

Maybe others in the community have some pointers.

I did but it doesn’t address the issue either. The link is instructions on how to run a Bingo game but doesn’t point to building the game as an app. The rest of the thread had some great designs and ideas for other games but not Bingo.

The post has some several links to games that appear to use techniques that would be useful to a Bingo game, sorry beyond my skill-set, perhaps others in the community with experience will comment.

Not a glide answer, but this may help … Bingo Instructions

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Thank you! I might give that a try.