Create Weekday Start Time / End Time Conditions with ZERO spreadsheet formulas

Last week, Glide released more mathematical functions in the math column (see :date: MORE Date Math incl. Weeknum!).

Leveraging these new functions, you can now create Weekday start/end time conditions (restaurants, stores, class periods, etc.) with ZERO spreadsheet formulas.

Take a look!


@Robert_Petitto that’s a winner right there. Zero google formulas @ instant results :clap:

This certainly is a very powerful function which addresses many use cases.

As always thanks for putting together and sharing,

Book marked this one…(adding to my ever growing library)


This is great @Robert_Petitto! Exactly what I needed! Thanks again for your tutorials!

I have a question in regards to the setup:

First, some context: we have an app that hosts multiple businesses and pages that include their hours of operation. I literally updated each individual set of hours Sun-Sat for 237 businesses - I know, shoot me! :crazy_face:

I didn’t even think to do this - but would it be possible to use this setup, but for multiple listings?

Aka - allow said businesses to be able to input/edit their own hours of operation from a single sheet or table?

I assume I would have to create Admin access pages/toggles, user specific profiles/columns, and then throw in the kitchen sink…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for any and all help! :pray:t2:


Yes. User specific columns would be the EASIEST by far…but it would only work if users were ONLY looking at their own business. If you needed to have the user view the hours of MULTIPLE businesses, then you’d need a form to track the hours for each business.


Very good contribution @Robert_Petitto !
I think it will serve me for multiple businesses.
I would add special dates that stores can open. I understand that it can be done.


Ok great! yeah they would only be looking at their own business! So on their details page, I would just create a form (that only allowed users could see, conditions) that says “Edit Hours” and it could then pull up just that data from their column(s), etc…?

I guess I could just create a toggle switch that would trigger an “Open/Closed” image or button on their details page as well…I’m just a sucker for good UX :nerd_face: so I wanted it to look good!

Thanks again!

Excellent, as always!


And we have a winner. Thank you so much for your help. nighty night y’all :yawning_face:

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Probably easier just to bookmark Rob’s user page :joy:


@Darren_Murphy gosh I don’t have that much time :wink:

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Y’all are too much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey @Robert_Petitto, wouldn’t this logic help with booking slots when you have different durations?

Hm…possibly…can you elaborate on your thoughts?

I am thinking your Meet Me logic. I was wondering if that Start Time/End Time conditions could be use to achieve what you did with that app.

Potentially. I did something similar with a different room booking app…The difference is that the meet with me doesn’t use a true time column because it’s fabricated using the choice component. However the logic is still sound because I could compare the fabricated value with a fabricated Now value. It’s worth looking into.

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Cool! I’ll tinker with it and see.


Great video again Bob! One question from me, in the If columns at the end, can we combine:

If Now is before StartTime then 0
If Now is after EndTime then 0
Else 1

Would it work and save 1 column?

It would! Someone else suggested that to me as well in a comment to my YouTube video…much more efficient.

That’s what I love about Clyde. More than one way to approach a solution!

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will be curious to see how this performs relative to:

if StartTime is before now - true
if EndTime is on or after now - true
template column combining both
if true-true = Open, else closed

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