Create Text block from Rows

Hello community.
I have to show the user the text in one block. block consists of sentences. Each sentence is written in its own cell. The display order is important. I need to display Cell 1 (row 1) then Cell 2 (row 1) then Cell 3 (row 1) and so on until the line ends. Then go to the next line: Cell 1 (row 2) then Cell 2 (row 2) then Cell 3 (row 2) and repeat everything until all the lines are over. It’s similar to “inline list” but it’s very limited. Please help if someone came across or indicate where approximately you can find it.
Thank you.

Use a Template column to join all of your cells together in a row. Then use a Joined List column to join the entire template column into one value.


Thank you so much!

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Hi Jeff

Please post one video regarding joined list and how can you use that if you want.


It’s the same technique that’s described in the below video:


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