Create record bounded to records in other tab

Hi all, the question is very simple, Im pretty sure this has already been discussed but I cannot find it when searching for an answer.
I have a Properties tab with a column name Property_Name
I have a Customers tab with a column name Customer_Id

I want to create an entry to a tab called Contracts which has columns for Property_Name, Customer_ID (referece keys to the Properties and Customer tabs) and a bunch of other fields related to the contract, like start & end date, price, etc…
I need to bound the values to choose from those exisiting in Properties and Customers tabs respectively.
In other words, I can only create Contract records with existing Properties and Customers…

Thank you all in advance!!

In your Add screen or Form Button for the Contracts tab, you can add Choice components which you can fill with values from the Properties and Customer sheets.

Thanks!! sorry for such basic question:)

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