Create (dynamically) unique link for a button

Another question to the clever community :slight_smile:

I cannot see this can be done - but maybe you can?

Public app - the user is not logged in

  1. User selects a gift card (e.g. $50)
  2. User clicks a link to open up a payment link containing receivers phonenumber, amount, comment (which includes a unique key for that specific gift card)

Selecting the gift card value and initiating the link could potentially be done in one action (just can’t see how)

The link looks like the one below:
It is used to open up a website where a link (link will no show up on the url shown below) can be clicked and then a mobile paying app is opened. Three parameters are passed on:

  • Phone = receiver of the money
  • Amount = amount of money to transfer
  • Comment = comment given to the receiver (this is where I would like to put in a unique value related to this purchase) u8did-dkis78-slsk1-sksk1-sksks2

Is there anyway this can be done in a public app where the user is not logged in? The tricky part is the unique key.

Did you want to keep everything in app? Could you instead do a zapier action that sends them this link in an email to complete their purchase?

Well, i dont have their email as they are not logged in
Of course they could supply the email in a form but then I need to handle the email according to GDPR and I really don’t want to do that😑

True. GDPR :roll_eyes:

I came up with a rough example. This is about the best I can think of. Basically you have a sheet that lists each card type. Then you have another sheet with with several cards that have pre-populated links with the unique id already part of the link. The app is set up in a way where a user will have to ‘Claim’ the card to get the link to display and for them to continue. Once a card is claimed, it is removed from the relation and nobody else can claim the same card. The switch to claim is also removed, so they can’t turn it off again. This isn’t perfect, since it may not stop two people from claiming the same card at the same time, but reduces the chances of that happening. This also won’t stop somebody from ‘claiming’ a card without following through with purchase. You would also probably have to repopulated the sheet occasionally if cards run out. Hopefully this gives you some ideas to work with.

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Thanks, Jeff.
You do great jobs - and this is one of them.

I’m in progress of implementing.


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Awesome. I was at first going to reply that I couldn’t think of a good solution, then this popped in my head, so I had to try it. Glad it works for you.