Create an Offline Function

Is there a way to make it so the app downloads for offline functionality?

Not at this time.

If the app is upgraded to premium is it possible to add it to the Google Play / App Store?

Check out the link below. There are two places to inquire about your question.

One is just to email The other, in the FAQ’s, it’s a link to a form to make the request.

Just testing my first trial app and was wondering what would happen if internet went down temporarily. So after turning cellular and wifi off, my App seemed to keep whatever was cached previously, but obviously couldn’t load new views. However, functionality to edit items on cached pages was maintained, without giving any warning. I guess it might be good idea, if users would be alerted that they are currently offline. Of course I could see no change in my Google Sheet. To my surprise, however, my edit synched fine after turning internet back on. I wonder if I was just lucky, or if this something we can rely upon.

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Offline usage of the app would be incredibly useful. Here in Canada (especially rural areas), inability to view and edit/add information would kill a lot of possible uses for this platform. Would love to use glide for a number of things, and if this became possible it would be great.
Ideally, the person making the app will decide whether or not it can be viewed/edited offline. There may be certain cases where information is not relevant unless it is up-to-date.