Create a Zoom meeting link right from your Glide app

Hello lovely people of Glide community, I hope you will have a greet weekend.

Just this week, I was presented with a challenge of creating a Zoom link upon request from a mentor app. The client wanted an option such that when a mentor/mentee clicks a button inside the app and presents information about a Zoom meeting they want to create, they will have a direct link to the Zoom room with submitted details.

So here we are.

What you need.

1/Zoom JWT app

Go to App Marketplace and create a JWT app.

After filling information about your app, you will see a “Credentials” page that looks like this.

The piece you need from this is the JWT Token.

2/Google Scripts

We have 2 scripts here:

  • Custom function to create a Zoom link.
  • Script to paste the formula to each new row (as Arrayformula doesn’t work here), and paste back the link value upon completion to prevent it being run again upon the next trigger.

I have packed them two here, with the red bold text marking the fields you need to customize yourself.

After finishing the scripts, you need to go to Edit > Current Project’s triggers and add a trigger for the second one.

Let me know if you need any help to set this up. Thanks for reading.


The question is: what can’t you do? :wink: Impressive again!


Having the chance to work with clients from different industries opens up the ability to be creative. I was a bit stagnated inside my own box in the first few months with Glide because I can only do apps within my own knowledge.

Glad to have the chance to share these things with all you guys, sure it will be helpful for some!

Have a nice weekend yourself.


Maravilha! Você inseriu a sala do Zoom dentro do glide ou link externo?

I created the Zoom link using their documented process, then insert that link to Glide with a “open link” action (it will open in the Zoom app if you have that already in your phone).

Talvez dê para abrir o aplicativo Zoom dentro do seu próprio app glide, através de um código.

A Zoom link would always be an “external” link to Glide. I used this scheme to let users input topic, duration and start time without leaving their Glide app :wink:

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I’m definitely going to need something like this!

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Let me know if you need help setting it up :wink:

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This is dope! Thanks for sharing!

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Dude, this is REALLY amazing!


Love it!


Videos don’t work, I think I’m late here :sob:

Here are the 3 video links :wink:


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Hey bro, creative as always since day 1 I joined Glide. Actually I need your help setting it up or at least guidelines if possible.

I’ve created an app for IELTS reading section every day. Students are able to upload a book, paragraphs and can answer them on the app. I was wondering if they need to host a meeting on Zoom to discuss it in details.

Thank you in advance :pray:t2:

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Are you willing to use an alternative?

I found this much quicker to set up, just a template column is needed.


Very helpful. Thank you.

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yeah works in Webview as well! Nice!