Conference Integration

Hey all,

There is a Free Open source video conference app in mobile and web that is Jitsi

Why I mention Jitsi?

In your apps you can create easily special rooms or conference pages with jitsi links.

Because in jitsi it is free and you can join a conference directly with a link. For example,

Jitsi video conference room tempalate is:

if you add anything to this link , you can get a conference room :slight_smile:

In your app Bahadir can send a conference request to Peter for example. you can use glide data template and create uniqe links

So room is ready. I think very usable and free



Thanks for sharing!


That’s an amazing tool! I already used a lot for some quick meetings

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Just for curiosity, the max number in a room is 75 participants

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image image

How beautiful is this? Thank you again my friend.


It is very useful I love it. We use this in conferences :slight_smile:
I am happ to hear that

have a nice day

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Have a nice weekend yourself!

What link did you use to Jitsi to avoid the user having to download the Jitsi app? I would like the users to be able to access the videoconference from the browser and not have to download anything.

I just used the standard link from the original post and add an action to open link in new tab.

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@ThinhDinh, microphone and camera are not working in app. Any solution for this?

Use an open link action, not webview.

Sorry… I mean, I’m trying to embed in webview action. May you have solution. Thank you.

I stumbled onto the same problem and the only workaround is to use the open link action.

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Hi in Jitsi you can embed a room. You can put as embed code or you can use web compnent in jitsi

Would you mind to describe more detail about that? I’ve tried using embed code from Jitsi as an action to webview, but not working.

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You dont need to use embed code. If you put link directly to web view. You can get page easily. But It is for desktop usage. In mobile I can reccomend direclty a button to jitsi APP.

You can create jitsi meeting links easly to add text to main link ( )

You can create a template data and make a uniq link.

h tt p :confused: / / username-date

You can create jitsi link via template column for Every page or every user. And you can show webview or link button from this column.

I hope , i could help

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Didn’t you have trouble with the microphone and camera not working if you put a link to the webview for desktop usage? Maybe better use open link as mentioned by @ThinhDinh.
Thank for your help

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Yeah this was the same problem my client faced, ultimately we had to do an open link action.

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@JackVaughan @david Is there any way to integrate in an option to allow mic and video camera permissions? This has come up for me several times as well, and REALLY wish to keep the users in-app. The web view of the video call itself is working perfectly within Glide web view, but this is where it stops working, the mic/camera permissions.


Hello Bahadir_Kaya, I wanted to ask you what component you used since I use open link and web view and with neither of those 2 it opens the room for me, I added the link and in the glide preview it opens it well but from my cell phone it sends me to a page to download the jitsi mobile app. The strange thing is that I already downloaded it and it does not redirect me to the application.The other option I tried was to install another tool called zipcan that was also recommended here in the community, but I have to insert html code and I don’t know where I should do it. I have been a short time and I am just learning, I would appreciate an orientation. I don’t know if this automatic translator makes me understand. Well, I am attentive to your answer, if you could help me, thank you very much.