Create a Leaderboard from User-Specific Data

Hi, I’m trying to create a leaderboard for a workout tracking app I’ve created.

Each user records their own data to track their progress for each workout type using user-specific columns. Is there a way to take the user-specific values and insert them into the corresponding user’s profile?

Or is there a different way to create a leaderboard with this type of setup?

Presumably you have an action that sets the User Specific Values. If you create a single relation between the table you’re working with and your User Profiles table, then that same action could also set a corresponding value in the User Profile.

The below demonstrates a technique for “rolling up” User Specific columns. It might give you some ideas.


Okay, so I think I figured it out with the help of another friend. I created another user-specific column to capture the user email address upon the submission of the action. Then I made a relation based upon the email address and then did a rollup to calculate the total points.

I’ve run into one more issue… I was able to capture the email address for one table because it uses a button with an action. However, on the other table, it’s a boolean value that’s updated by using a checklist. It stores “true” or “false” in a user specific column. Is there any way to capture something like the user email when they are just checking a box on a checklist? Or would I need to change those to buttons and is there any clean way to display that similar to a checklist?

Also, once I’ve calculated the total points for each user, I’m having trouble using the user-specific points to sort the inline list in descending order. It appears to only be “seeing” the current user’s point total. My current workaround is to have a button below the leaderboard that says “Update My Position”. It has an action linked to it that writes the user-specific point total to a generic column in the user tab for total points. I’m able to sort the inline list by that column.

Probably you can display a check/uncheck emoji depends on the state of the boolean column.

If not true display :white_large_square:, if true display :white_check_mark:.

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Just to add to @ThinhDinh’s comment. You can see what I did here.