Create a Financial Record Keeper

Hi everyone, First time user here so I hope this is an appropriate question.

Here’s what I would like to do:

I have a google Form with two questions.
Student Number
Money added or subtracted

I want to have the the data organized by the student number and the additions/ subtractions automatically tabulated.

So if I search for a student they will see their total money.

Easy? Hard? Can you help me?

Check out the Currency Transfer/Purchase example in . You can copy the app and look at the sheet. It should have the formulas to do what you want.

Thank you so much… I will give it a try!

Whether its easy or hard would depend on your skill level with Google Sheets. Why don’t you create the app with what you know and then share your sheet and ask for help with creating the formula(s) you may need. Off hand I would think it would involve the SUMIF() function but I’m sure there are many ways to pull it off. Have you tried to duplicate any of the tutorials to get an idea of Glide. This latest one is especially good for a complete start to finish app.