Crafting an API for Glide Page

Hello gliders! I’ve been diligently working on my Glide page for a while now. This page is public and offers numerous AI and design features through various subscription plans. I’m managing the subscriptions using Zapier, which updates a license status column in the users’ tab on Glide’s data.

I’m in the process of becoming a partner with a marketing platform that will bring in users (subscribers) to my Glide page. This platform requires two public/live endpoints from my Glide page to authenticate API requests:

  1. A JSON Web Token URL with credentials (username and secret key) for authorization.
  2. A Notification URL that shares the status of license operations.

My question is: How can I build an API that communicates with the data on my Glide page? Are there any tools you can recommend? Thanks!

You can use the existing Glide API.