COVID-19 Expert: Crowd-sourced medical resources for doctors

Hi everyone,

With the coronavirus outbreak rapidly progressing across the world, it’s critical we provide doctors everywhere with up-to-date and easily accessible information on the management of COVID-19 to help them effectively treat patients and save lives.

I’ve just launched Covid-19 Expert - which provides frontline doctors with the latest high-quality information on COVID-19, crowdsourced from doctors and easily accessed from smartphones in high pressure and fast-changing environments. Resources include Youtube videos, infographics, national guidelines, support groups and key research papers. Specific app features include:

  • Searching and filtering resources by category
  • Saving favourite resources
  • Voting on resources to surface the most valuable ones
  • Discussion threads on specific resources

More information here:

Please share with your medical friends and appreciate any support you give this on ProductHunt to get it off the ground!


Great work, how does voting work, great feature