Counting audio plays

Hi Glide Gurus

Is there a way to count the number of times the play button was hit for an audio file?


Have you checked if the audio component gets other actions besides playing the audio. I have not checked it out myself.

Edit: I just checked it out and it does not have a way to set up actions.

I have a client that just requested this as well.

LOL it’s actually good to have so we can know how many people are watching the videos or listening to the audio files


@Valentine_Madzhie ha that’s a great idea :bulb: :+1: if you work it out let us know

I doubt it would be possible with our current audio player: the audio player depends on the browser, because each browser has developed their own ‘default’ player that way developers don’t have to make their own.

Directly in audio component, we can’t, but…

+1 for this

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Will Google analytics track the clicks?

…unless the glide team makes their own audio player… image


Hi guys, any news about to find a way to count the audio plays ?

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Nothing as of now, as the play button in the audio doesn’t actually let us have any actions tied with it.