Button action to play an audio file

Currently, buttons can be pushed to perform a variety of actions.

I just discovered that the only action causing a sound is one that plays one of several fixed sounds. I’d like to have an audio action that accepts a URL of a sound file. I don’t need all of the controls of the standard audio player – in fact, I find the standard player difficult to use on an actual smartphone. But in my case, all I want to do is tap a button to have a voice start counting seconds as part of an exercise app.


That would be nice. It would also be nice if users could customize their sounds, so that sounds would come from rows. And the ability to upload sounds of course

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Did you find a solution yet.I am also looking for the same feature

No. I haven’t seen any improvements in sounds OR maps in Glide since I started developing apps in September 2020. This isn’t criticism. The developers have a lot of things to do.

I do wish it was a little easier to extend the functionality Glide through officially documented ways to develop extensions. This would make it possible to devote your own resources to solving your own problems.

— Harry